XenDesktop – Browser Content Redirection not working

If you having issues that the Browser Content Redirection is not getting offloaded to your endpoint make sure that you have enabled the following settings in Internet Explorer (VDA).

1.) Internet Options > Advanced –> “Enable third-party browser extensions” (Browsing)

2.) Internet Options > Advanced –> “Disable Enhanced Protected Mode” (Security)

After you have applied the changes browse to a website with HTML5 content and track with the developer mode (F12) from IE if the HDXInjector script is doing its job. Thanks to Hailan Li from the Citrix Support who was helping me to troubleshoot this. The eDocs article will get updated soon, because the first setting (3rd party extensions) is missing in the documentation.

4 thoughts on “XenDesktop – Browser Content Redirection not working

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  1. Hello Julian,

    I have activated the content redirection policies on the VDA.
    But it is still not working. I’m testing it on a Windows 10 desktop with VDA 7.17 .
    I have installed Receiver With the latest receiver 4.11 it is also not working.
    When I check the add-on in the internet explorer it says that the HDXJsInjector is disabled.



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