Adding Published Applications from a specific Delivery Group to an Application Group (PowerShell)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

With XenDesktop 7.12 its possible to tag your Published Applications and assign them to an application group. With this feature we get back the control on which server the user session will be established. Many of XenApp IMA administrators have been missing this feature. If you only have a few published apps and one DeliveryGroup its not a big deal to add them to an created application group but what if you only want to add the apps from Delivery Group “Sales”? Its very annoying to select all the applications and assign them to the app group.  Here is a PowerShell script to save you some work 😉

Detailed information about tagging is available from the blog post of Martin Zugec.
How to Assign Applications to Specific Servers in XenApp 7




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