Sophos UTM failes to boot – Postgres SQL Schema Update

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After upgrading the Sophos UTM in my home lab the VM didnt boot anymore. The following message was visible on the console:

2017-07-01 14_47_37-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

The UTM was not accessible with the management ip address.

Steps to get your UTM back to life

1.) Press the “Esc” button during the boot procedure.

2.) Select “Sophos UTM 9.x” and press the “e” button.

2017-07-01 15_05_45-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

3.) Select “kernel” mode and press the “e” button

2017-07-01 15_06_04-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

4.) Put the following command “init=/bin/bash” and press enter.

2017-07-01 15_07_13-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

5.) Now press the “b” key to boot up the UTM.

6.) Navigate to the path “/usr/local/bin” and delete the file “pg92_schemaupgrade”

2017-07-01 15_47_11-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

7.) Reboot the VM and the UTM should be back online.

Why was the update not successful?

After inspecting the dashboard I realized the data disk was fully occupied. Thats why the update was crashing…

2017-07-01 15_53_26-WebAdmin - User admin - Device utm01.lab.local

The easiest way to expand the partition is to boot with the GParted Live CD.

2017-07-02 14_05_05-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

Lets try the update again…

2017-07-02 14_10_48-Up2Date Installation Progress

What about our “storage” partition? Looks fine 🙂

2017-07-02 14_10_37-_UTM01_ auf _JMZBOOK_ - Verbindung mit virtuellen Computern

Reminder for myself. Check the data partition before the next update. Even its not a productive system 💡

  1. Thanks for sharing the above info. This was exactly my issue and deleting the schemaupgrade file fixed it and allowed me to resync my backup firewall with my primary.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to write this up and share with the community. Cheers!

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