XenDesktop – Win10/Server2016 Startmenu becomes unresponsive

While setting up a Proof of Concept with Windows 10 VDIs the startmenu suddenly became unresponsive. I wasnt able access the startmenu and action center anymore. First I was thinking maybe its a problem of Citrix Profile Managment but this was not the issue. After unlinking all of the GPOs and putting them together step by step the Microsoft Applocker Policy was the show-stopper.

The Microsoft Eventlog was telling me the same.

Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost was prevented from running.
Microsoft.Windows.Cortana was prevented from running.

Your Windows 10 Version should be at least 10.0.10586.  In prior releases there was a bug regarding the startmenu.

How to configure the Applocker Policy

  • Set the service “Application Identity” to Automatic


  • Enforce rules for packaged apps


  • Create Default Rules for packaged apps


In addition make sure your Master Target will not get hit by any AppLocker Policies.
Check if the folder %windir%\System32\AppLocker is empty.

How to configure the UPM Policy

Exclusion list – Files


Files to synchronize


Directories to synchronize


Delay before deleting cached profiles

40 seconds


If you still have troubles with syncing the database file try to change to shutdown period from the Delivery Group (Win10) to 15 seconds.  If running Windows Server 2016  the 40 seconds profile cache delay already should fix it.

asnp Citrix*
Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name "Windows_10_Test" -SettlementPeriodBeforeAutoShutdown 00:00:15

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