Citrix ADC – RDP Proxy not working on iOS Devices

If you are having problems with launching RDP connections which are tunneled over a Citrix Gateway please be aware there is a known issue when working with iOS devices.

I was able to launch the session but immediately received the following error code:



After reading through the release notes I found out this is already a known issue (# NSHELP-18496) and there is a workaround available.


The solution is to modify the “RDP Cookie Validity” from the RDP Client Profile. The default value is 60 seconds but this is not being honored on iOS. I played arround with different time ranges. Everything over 600 seconds was working for me. Simply increase the value with the following CLI command:

“set rdp clientprofile RDP rdpCookieValidity 600”

After this the RDP session was being established without any problems.








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  1. Hello citrixguy. i want to know if an upgrade of citrix xenapp and VDA 7.8 to the latest version of citrix will resolve issues like users getting this error unless the xenapp server is restarted? “unable to launch application contact your helpdesk with the following information: cannot connect to the citrix xenapp server. there is no citrix xenapp server configured on the specified address”. Thanks for your reply.


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