NVIDIA GRID – The installation of License Server is finished, but some errors occurred during the install.

The installation of License Server is finished, but some errors occurred during the install. Please see the installation log for details. Output of the log file:   Fix 1.) Open the "setup.exe" from the licence server package with 7-Zip or WinRAR. 2.) Open "InstallerData\Disk1\InstData\Resource1.zip" 3.) Browse to "C_\Installer\SourceFiles\Windows 32-bit\ui" 4.) Copy "licserver.war" and "fne.war" to... Continue Reading →

Sophos UTM failes to boot – Postgres SQL Schema Update

After upgrading the Sophos UTM in my home lab the VM didnt boot anymore. The following message was visible on the console: Starting PostgreSQLpg_ctl: could not start server Examine the log output. /usr/local/bin/pg92_schemaupgrade[3679]: Found schema upgrade files: /var/storage/pgsql92/upgrade_NUTM-5561.sh /usr/local/bin/pg92_schemaupgrade[3679]: Wait 15 seconds for postgres to be ready /usr/local/bin/pg92_schemaupgrade[3679]: psql: could not connect to server: No... Continue Reading →

Citrix Workspace Environment Management with PVS – Synchronization State “Unknown”

This week I wanted to test the the Workspace Environment Management Suite which is included in the XenApp/XenDesktop Enterprise edition. I don't want to write an article about how to install the software. For a detailed installation guide you can refer to Carl Stalhoods website. Install parameters when using PVS (silent): Setup.exe /S /v"/qn /norestart AgentCacheAlternateLocation=\"D:\WEMCache\"... Continue Reading →

CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe component failed to install with error 0x643

I did plenty of XenDesktop 7.x  upgrades but this time I got error 0x643 when trying to update the Citrix StoreFront components. StoreFront 3.5 --> StoreFront 3.9 CitrixMsi-CitrixStoreFront-x64.log Installation of '..\CitrixStoreFront-x64.msi' failed with error code 1603. Fatal error during installation. Solution: The customer was using the Citrix SCOM Management Pack. After killing the processes called "ComTrade.MPxxxx.exe"... Continue Reading →

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